Halloween In The Sun

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There are some traditions that travel well and others that don’t so much, but being in a sunny country does not stop the plucky expat from enjoying everything they did back home – even if the weather makes it rather … Continue reading

Sex And Oranges – An Algarve Marketplace

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Everywhere in the world has its very own special features, the things about it that makes it different than anywhere else.  Some places have famous sites and castles, others historical landmarks, while the Algarve has golf, beaches and the EN125 … Continue reading

The Algarve Open Door Policy

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There is nothing better than a gentle sea breeze blowing through your hair in a romantic Mills and Boon style to make you feel like you are living in paradise.  In the UK any attempt to recreate this sort of … Continue reading

The 5 Questions You Will Quickly Tire Of Answering As An Expat

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When you choose to live somewhere that is a tourist destination you have chosen to live a strange existence where you can, if you feel like it, make a new best friend every two weeks or less.  This can be … Continue reading

Spreading The Word Of The Empire – Through Sport

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So we had the Olympics in London in 2012 and suddenly we are filled with that strange sensation of…pride I think you call it.  It has been such a long time since we Brits have felt like we are allowed … Continue reading

The Grass Is Always Greener In Britain – Literally

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Anyone who has been to Southern Europe will have noticed that the weather is generally pretty good and while this has the benefit of making it a great place to hold a barbecue, it also has its down sides, especially … Continue reading