The Algarve – The Land of the Greens and the Greys

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I find the whole predominance of elderly expats and golf courses in the Algarve a bit of a chicken and egg question.  I mean does anyone actually know what came first; the grey haired ladies and gents of a certain … Continue reading

Halloween In The Sun

"halloween algarve"

There are some traditions that travel well and others that don’t so much, but being in a sunny country does not stop the plucky expat from enjoying everything they did back home – even if the weather makes it rather … Continue reading

Sex And Oranges – An Algarve Marketplace

"oranges algarve"

Everywhere in the world has its very own special features, the things about it that makes it different than anywhere else.  Some places have famous sites and castles, others historical landmarks, while the Algarve has golf, beaches and the EN125 … Continue reading