The Algarve – The Land of the Greens and the Greys

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I find the whole predominance of elderly expats and golf courses in the Algarve a bit of a chicken and egg question.  I mean does anyone actually know what came first; the grey haired ladies and gents of a certain … Continue reading

A Brit Walked Into A Bar Abroad And Said…

"brit bar abroad"

A Brit walked into a bar abroad and said..”This looks like fun, I think I will open a bar too.” Fast forward six months and said Bit has sold up their house in the UK, jacked in their job, uprooted … Continue reading

Build Your Own Beast – Algarve Style

"strange food portugal algarve"

Portugal is not a good country to move to if you don’t know how to cook, that is unless you have lots of money and can afford to eat out every night which is what many people tend to do … Continue reading