A Brit Walked Into A Bar Abroad And Said…

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A Brit walked into a bar abroad and said..”This looks like fun, I think I will open a bar too.” Fast forward six months and said Bit has sold up their house in the UK, jacked in their job, uprooted … Continue reading

Sex And Oranges – An Algarve Marketplace

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Everywhere in the world has its very own special features, the things about it that makes it different than anywhere else. ┬áSome places have famous sites and castles, others historical landmarks, while the Algarve has golf, beaches and the EN125 … Continue reading

The 5 Questions You Will Quickly Tire Of Answering As An Expat

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When you choose to live somewhere that is a tourist destination you have chosen to live a strange existence where you can, if you feel like it, make a new best friend every two weeks or less. ┬áThis can be … Continue reading